If you would like to send some personal effects or some commercial cargo together with car - we will do it!
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  You have already purchased a car in the USA     and do not  
  know how to bring it home - we will   take care of it !
We will bring car to our warehouse, make safe stuffing into container and send to port nearest to you.
We are working with car dealers who buy cars for clients in all states of USA and Canada.

We are situated in Linden, NJ, a 30 minutes drive from the port New York, NY.

Our warehouse can accommodate up to 150 cars.
We can store in topped guarded warehouse up to 7000
cu. feet of different palletized cargo.
The professionalism of our staff has enabled us to
load up to 4 cars in 40'HC-container.

Major Ports of Destination
  1. Novorossiysk (Russia);
2. Kaliningrad (Russia);
3. St. Petersburg (Russia);
4. Kotka (Finland);
5. Riga (Latvia);
6. Odessa (Ukraine);
7. Iliychevsk (Ukraine);
8. Poti (Georgia);
9. Gdynya (Poland).
We can perform delivery of containers with cars inside of continent through any above port, also to:
  1. Bishkek (Kyrgyz republic);
2. Almaty (Kazakhstan).
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